Best Selling Book "The Complete Guide to Winning at Craps" by the Dominator!

In this, his 4th and last book on advantage play at craps, the Dominator lays out for us in easy to understand fashion, his tried and true methods of beating the casinos using skill, math, and knowledge. This book is for beginners and people that have played craps for years, from the basics of the game to the use of advantage controlled throwing, you too can become an advantage player by learning these methods and practicing the skill. If you take the time and practice you will achieve a winning edge against the house, as Dom has done over and over for years. In this book Dom shares the knowledge that it takes to become a winner at the game.

In addition to the Book you also get 3 videos included FREE to watch on your computer, 1st is a few examples of Dom setting and throwing the dice, the second video Unlock Your Potential is the complete 1 hour lecture from the Golden Touch Craps Seminars, and the 3rd video is an hour and a half lecture on GTC Betting Principles. You get the book and 3 brand new videos all for one low price.